Why ATOMIC-SPED as your transporter?


In international transport of customs goods, there are several well-defined operations that must be performed correctly in order for the process to run smoothly. Starting from the documentation prepared by the Importer / Exporter (invoices, permits ...), accompanying documents dealt with by freight forwarders to traffic situations, at borders, etc. It is logical to conclude that in all this it is necessary to communicate well with the client and share accurate information.

This is where our quality comes into play.

Reaction speed!

You must have been in a situation where you are endlessly transferred from connection to connection until your patience and time spent reach their limits. Unfortunately, by the time the right person calls you, it may be too late for the necessary reaction. Such situations do not happen in our company. Your contact from our company always has accurate information and in case of any dilemma is ready to provide maximum support.


  • Our service includes transportation from point A to point B at the agreed time.
  • Our vehicles have real-time GPS tracking as well as all the necessary equipment for professional cargo security. At the request of the client, we send information on the position of the vehicle 24/7.
  • We work only with top professionals in the industry for whom the quality of service comes first.
  • All our vehicles have CMR insurance (carrier liability insurance) while at the request of the client we can separately insure the shipment as ALL RISK insurance.


Simply put, we have chosen to make the quality and safety of our service a top priority.

And we are proud of that.