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International and local road transport


Atomic-sped through own and subcontractor fleet of vehicles can offer full truck load and partial loads on all routes. In order to protect the environment only vehicles with latest generation of EURO standards are being used. We can provide 24/7 GPS online tracking of vehicles for maximum safety. CMR insurance is standard while ALL RISK coverage can be done on client request.


Also to point special services:

  • Frigo transport (cold Chain)
  • Transport of oversize shipments (special transport)
  • Express transport 
  • Relocations

Full loads FTL

truck international transport

Direct transport refers to the transport of goods of one client, directly from the place of loading to the place of unloading. In that case, the travel time is the shortest possible, especially if two drivers are used (considering the legally regulated driving time during one day). Also, since there are no additional manipulations after loading, the goods arrive at the place of unloading the safest and safest. Atomic-Sped uses the latest generation vehicles and takes care of the environment itself.

Partial loading LTL


Transport of goods in reloading means that goods from several different customers can be found in the vehicle. This type of road transport is used for smaller shipments, when the arrival time may not be the fastest possible. Also, the price of transport itself is adjusted to the dimensions and weight of the goods, which makes significant savings. What is important to note is that the goods are not transhipped to the place of unloading, and therefore the security of the shipment is at a high level.

Groupage road trransport

sleper kamion

Groupage transport means that the goods are collected in a warehouse, after which they are sent to the destination of unloading by one vehicle. It is suitable for small shipments, which do not suffer higher transport costs and can tolerate longer delivery times. They are especially suitable when the pick-up location is in urban areas where access to larger trucks is disabled. In that case, the consignment is picked up by smaller vehicles which are delivered to the collective warehouse. Atomic-Sped can arrange pick-up of the shipment from any location and safe transportation to the destination.

Type of trucks being used:


  • Curtain side trailer
    Load 24,000kg/90m3/33ewp
  • Mega trailer
    Load 24,000kg/100m3/33ewp
  • Tandem trailer
    Load 15,000-22,000kg/120m3/36-38ewp
  • Trucks
    Load till 3,2 t / 3,200kg/40m3/15ewp
  • Van vehicles
    Load 1,200kg/15m3/4-9 ewp
  • Pick up
    Load 800kg/1.5m3/1ewp


Transport Italy

Transport Germany, France, Austria

Transport Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

Transport Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland)

Transport Greece, Spain

Transport Turkey, Russia

Transport Switzerland

Transport Poland, Czech, Slovakia

Customs service can be done in fast and proper manner as:

  • Goods clearance (preparing of documentation, temporary import/export, reexport of goods..)
  • Declaration and placement of goods under customs supervision
  • Customs warehousing and successive clearance of goods
  • Preparing transit documents at border crossings, brokerage in drafting requests for all types of analyses (sanitary, market, veterinary, phyto-pathological)
  • Using bank guarantee to secure collection of customs debt