Today, in the modern world, supply chains in the automotive industry have become very complex. Their complexity is a consequence of market demands to remain competitive through increased flexibility.

Car manufacturers and suppliers require more specific production cycles "Make to order", "Build to order", "Configure to order".

In order to save money, the production of different vehicles is based on the same basic platform, which implies an exact sequence of production processes. Just in Time (JIT and Just in Sequence - JIS) supply principles should ensure that a specific part of the vehicle (the right component) arrives at the right point on the assembly line and at the right time to be ready for installation on the appropriate part of the vehicle.

EDI standards (electronic data interchange) ensure that suppliers clearly see the factory's needs for certain parts in real time.

Što se tiče transporta, za nesmetano funkcionisanje gore navedenih procesa uglavnom se koriste manja dostavna vozila, kombiji do 3,5t bruto mase.  Naravno, postoje i varijante kamionskog prevoza sa dvojnom posadom.


Company Atomic-Sped  provides a professional fast express transportation service customized
requirements of the automotive industry. 
Satellite vehicle tracking is mandatory as choosing the shortest and fastest routes
at a competitive price.